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Custom Store Design Services

Need a custom designed ecommerce store to meet your business or brand needs.

Custom Designed Store

Looking for a professional expert to design your online store? Our design and coding team work here at Power-eCommerce and know the platform intimately. Giving your custom design 100% the features and power our platform is designed for. You can take your business to another level with our design & development team experienced online store development.

Ask us for a Quote based on your needs and we will build you a custom store design.

Do you need a custom designed store?

  • Want to stand out in a crowd.
  • If you need or want to be unique.
  • Need a Branded look and feel.
  • Add your own custom idea's to your store.
  • Better customer brand awareness.
  • Reduce customer confusion with other sites that look like yours.

eCommerce Design Elements

eCommerce website design incorporates all the visual elements of your website, including how it's branded, how it's laid out, how it presents your products, and how visitors interact with it. Everything from where and how you include navigational features to the process you use that enable reviews or facilitate checkout are a part of your website's design. Web design is likely the single greatest impactor of user experience (UX) and has a significant effect on bounce rate, conversion rate, and even shopping cart abandonment.

Customer Experience (UX)

User experience also known as customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any website. If your site doesn't convince them to continue exploring, you'll have an increasingly high bounce rate with little to no conversions. Our professional designers that combine their expertise with your vision to create a seamless custom website design that incorporates a high quality and user-friendly functionality that will speak to a wide range of users. Our years of experience in internet marketing helps us determine what makes users click and what makes them bounce. Let us Build a custom designed ecommerce store for your business.

Designed to Grow

Our ecommerce platform and store designs are built from the beginning to constantly improve. Not with just new feature sets but with the customer experience improvements as well. Your custom store design along with factors like your branding, logos, marketing, and great customer service and support you can take your store to new heights.

How much does a "Custom eCommerce" store cost?

The cost of your eCommerce store design project can vary depending on the specifications of your project. Whether you're looking for a full store design or changes to one of our existing store designs. Most custom ecommerce store designs start at $5000.00 and take about 3 months. However, change orders and additional feature request can raise this cost. That is why we spend a lot of time upfront making sure we know what you need and provide mock-ups as part of the early design phase. Reach out to us to get a quote and start your project today!

Have any Questions? If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll-free.

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